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Hailey Bieber And Kim Kardashian's Wedding Guest Dresses
Dying to know if this was some sort of theme or just plain strange vibes.

Hailey Bieber And Kim Kardashian's Wedding Guest Dresses

Get in babe, there's a new round of whether or not celebs' wedding guest attire is appropriate. Today's edition comes courtesy of Stephanie Shepherd’s (Kim Kardashian's ex-assistant) wedding to music startup founder Larry Jackson this weekend.

The newlywed couple pose for photographers at a media event

Entry one comes courtesy of Hailey Bieber, who wore this white, backless, side boob–bearing dress by Fancì Club. Fun fact: You can buy a version of this dress for $420 in red or black, but it will show off your ass crack.

As for Hailey's date, we had Justin Bieber wearing what could generously be described as a lightly ironed shirt.

Now, wearing white to a wedding is generally seen as a faux pas — unless permission is obtained from the bride or groom. I have no idea what the dress code was, but Swizz Beatz did post a photo dump from the reception with a host of other celebrities. Gauge the vibes for yourself.

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